Appliance Repair Key Biscayne Florida

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We serviced a
Model EFME627UTT2
Near Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Job Details: 02/13/2024
"I return to customer home to replace dryer motor and blower assembly and user interface with new parts I tested dryer and the motor/blower assembly and user interface and the dryer display came on but dryer was not responsive. It didnt turn on. I took off new user interface put old one back on display came on again, but dryer still wouldnt start attack the connection on the motor it was plugged in properly I checked the fuses over again for resistance and they all have proper resistance, even the heating element I took all using the face off and put a new one back. Our dryer still wouldnt start call TECH SUPPORT and talk to Dustin again. He had me power it outlet, and there is proper power with outlet he then had me check belt switch from white wiring to red wire. There was resistance he help me to plug in dryer and test red wire to ground chassis its supposed to be 120 Volts but theres only 78 Volts he told me to replace the main control board ; ordrng 1 5304525689 (Main control board)"
We serviced a
Model SPR627OS-CSS
Near Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Job Details: 01/18/2024
NOT COOLING, test unit found refrigerant leak on evaporator, called Summit tech line, spoke with Emilio, he say give receipt to Customer, and the Customer have to call Summit, service call, complete call"