Appliance Repair: 5 Hacks for Buying the Right Oven

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April 4, 2018

Finding good appliance repair is often difficult, and finding the right oven to purchase is even tougher. If you’re searching for a new oven, you’ve experienced the dizzying array of ovens available. There are wall ovens, slide-ins, built-ins and ranges. Then there are all the different types of cooking methods. You’ll have a choice of conventional, convection, steam and microwave options and add-ons. Are high-tech options and luxury brands worth the price? Those are additional questions you’ll need to answer in your hunt for the perfect oven.

After you’ve looked at dozens of ovens, your rational side may just shut down. It may be easier to just choose the cheapest, the shiniest or the most high-tech oven available. Stop before you get to that low-point, and consider these five easy oven buying tips.

Check Your Wallet
While budget won’t be your only concern when shopping for an oven, it is important. Decide on your budget before you ever search online or head to the appliance store. Angie’s List recommends that you budget $650 to $2,000 for a new oven. Luxury brand ovens offer much steeper prices. A typical La Cornue oven, for instance, costs about $7,000. If you really want to customize your oven, La Cornue can create one for you for $160,000. That’s a wide range, so narrow it down to an amount that easily fits into your budget. While you may save on the energy costs of your new oven, you’ll have other, new costs. These new costs include installation, delivery and the removal of your old oven. Don’t overspend what you can really afford. You’ll inevitably have unexpected costs with your new appliances. Keeping within your budget can relieve amazing amounts of stress.

Consider Oven Type
Your budget and kitchen space may determine most of our choice of oven type. Freestanding and slide-in ovens are the easiest and cheapest ovens to install. These appliances usually need 30 inches of horizontal space. Wall ovens need twice that amount of space, normally measuring 57 inches across. They’re also slightly more complicated to install.

How’s It Cookin’ Baby?
The age-old question of gas versus electric has been complicated with new options. Usually these new choices, including convection and steam cooking, are add-ons to gas or electric. The gas and electric debate can mostly be resolved by your personal preference. Gas is often cheaper to use, and some cooks prefer its predictability. On the other hand, convection ovens can cook your roasts and casseroles in three-quarters of the conventional cook time. Most local utilities offer comparisons of the costs associated with operating different oven types. This helps you decide whether gas is really a cheaper option for your area or not.

The Posh Life
Luxury and high-end oven brands offer their own perks if you’re willing to spend the money. Viking, Gaggenau, Thermador, Miele and Wolf are some of the top brands on today’s market. They often provide more reliable cooking and special bells and whistles. Before you even consider a luxury, high-end or European brand oven, though, check your repair options. Find out if there are oven repair companies in your area that can legitimately handle your brand. It’s frustrating to buy a Thermador oven only to find that there are no Thermador oven repair companies in town. That’s true with maintenance too. Make sure there are oven maintenance companies mearby that can service your brand. The easiest way to find these more specialized repair companies is to survey their categories. Euro Appliance Repair in San Mateo, for example, specializes in all European brands.

Rave or Raving Reviews?
Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few ovens, look at their consumer reviews. Consumer Reports and other organizations often rate ovens for reliability and purchase cost. These are helpful, but you’ll find other useful information with actual user reviews. Watch for recurring themes of oven failures and the need for frequent appliance repair. Notice whether most of the issues involve poor oven maintenance or problems with specific parts. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the consumer’s experience with the brand’s customer service. Choose an oven brand that provides stellar customer service, especially if you’re considering a luxury brand.

There’s no easy answer when you’re choosing a new oven. The good news is that most ovens at every price level are very reliable and well made. These five tips can ensure you’ll find an oven that meets your needs and avoids unnecessary appliance repair. Jump to top

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